My burning question to fellow Christians.

“Cognitive dissonance: the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

When I started this blog, I told myself I wouldn’t go “there”. I wasn’t going to let this be political because I want this to be a platform to reach people who need it. But I just can’t get this off of my mind.

Please know, this will NOT be a recurring topic. I just felt led to share how I feel and pose this question to my fellow Jesus followers.

Most of you already know where I stand on the political fence, and I’ve said for a long time that I don’t know how people support Trump the way they do.

But I’ve always excused it in my mind.

Maybe they didn’t see that racist tweet.

Maybe they didn’t see him openly mocking a handicap man.

Maybe they didn’t hear about the rape allegations.

But I can’t turn a blind eye anymore.

Now, I’m not well versed in the world of politics. I don’t particularly pay attention if I’m being honest.

I don’t know the in and outs of economics and the stock market.

I don’t know about over seas trades and deals.

I try not to share unsubstantiated claims on Facebook and I do my research to find out if things are true or not before I go ham on someone.

But, you don’t have to know everything to recognize that something is very wrong.

I’m pretty sure my whole family supports Trump. I mean my whole family. I have one distant cousin who isn’t on the Trump train, but I think that may be it.

So I need you to hear this in love.

I need you to understand that I love my family and friends who support him fiercely. But I will not continue to hold my tongue and stand back while people turn a blind eye to the blatant disrespect and racism this “leader” shows.

In my newly restarted attempt to follow Jesus and be more like him, I’ve learned that all he really wants from us as Christians is to be more Christ like. To try our very best to follow in his footsteps. To lead in a loving way and to teach those who are watching how he would have.

It’s hard for me as a “new Christian” to see and understand how we as a church can stand behind a man who is openly, loudly, and mockingly talking about people’s race.

I ask you, as a Christian who is still learning, at what point is enough enough? When do we demand that the person who is leading our country be more Christ like?

I know I’ll get plenty of well Obama this and Hillary that.

No. This isn’t being written in support of anyone else. This isn’t being written to bring light to past terrible presidents, as I know we’ve had.

This is about now.

This is about your loyalty to America over your loyalty to Jesus and what he wants you to be.

But the economy…

At the expense of what? Respect?

“But we are protecting our people.” What about God’s people?

“But he is just being a real person and showing he isn’t a normal politician.” For what greater good? By hurting with words and putting people down?

It’s time to stop the Trump said/did x but it’s ok because he fixed y or has plans to help out z. It doesn’t have to be political anymore either. It’s not the fact that he’s republican or conservative it’s his language towards minority groups whether it be people of color, disabled people etc.

I’m asking sincerely, how is this acceptable?

As a Jesus follower, when do you admit that our fearless leader has abandoned all senses of the term “Christian” and is leading by his own selfless acts?

When do you demand more for your children’s future?

I see a million and one posts about the snowflakes and how my generation wasn’t taught respect.

What do you think this generation is learning from someone who is leading the whole country?

Why is this ok?

When will you put your pride down and admit that he wasn’t the man you thought he may be?

As I said before, I don’t know the ins and outs. He may be doing amazing things for our country by the way of finances and whatever other statistics you may throw my way. But to me that doesn’t outweigh the things I know.

You can say what you will about me and my views, but I’ll say again,

I am asking with the most sincere heart, why are we as Christians supporting this behavior?

If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you sticking with me. Please understand I don’t mean to attack anyone. I just want to raise this question to you and I’m asking for your legitimate response, as I’m willing to learn and hear you out.

I’ll leave you with a quote I read as soon as I opened my eyes this morning.

Preach the Gospel. And if necessary, use words. – Francis of Assisi

Is that what we are doing?

2 thoughts on “My burning question to fellow Christians.”

  1. If you honestly want a response to your questions or concerns I’ll give you my take.
    First off I honestly do not believe that he is racist. A legit racist person will hate and never even consider working alongside anyone that is black, Hispanic or whatever he supposed to be racist against. His staff just proves otherwise.
    Would I prefer him to be more Christ like, more dignified , better spoken? Absolutely but he is human and I have my own cross to bear so I don’t focus on those things. I think we are just accustomed to people that have had “politics” 101 their whole life and have the polished part down pat. I care more about the actions that our leader of the USA takes for the greater good of our country over his awkwardness.
    When we are prospering as a country and unemployment is down, to. me that means that more people are working and in turn will drive down drug usage, crime, etc. because they have their time filled with a job They will have more pride and self esteem in themselves. Struggling financially wreaks all kinds of havoc on the mind.
    My challenge to you would be to watch a station that doesn’t edit, twist and turn everything he says. He actually does a lot of good for the American people you’ll just have to watch a station that reports it. He’s not the “total package” but who is???? He has done great things for this country and you self admittedly said that you didn’t know a lot about the political world so learn a little more, listen to both sides and focus on his actions not his words because to me that means a lot more than a smooth, polished speaker that just tells me what I want to hear.
    Much love to you 😘


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